FP1 Candidates Have Big Night in Texas

By FP1 Strategies

FP1 was active in several campaigns in the Lone Star state’s primary last night. We served as the general consultant and media strategist to Congressman Michael McCaul, media consultant to Congressman Dan Crenshaw, general consultant to congressional candidate Wesley Hunt and general consultant and media consultant to George P. Bush’s campaign for Attorney General.

McCaul, Crenshaw and Hunt exceeded 50 percent on the ballot, winning their primaries outright and avoiding a runoff. All three Republicans are running in deeply red districts and essentially punched their tickets to Congress last night.

George P. Bush’s strong performance has forced scandal-plagued Attorney General Ken Paxton into a runoff that significantly endangers the incumbent.

“We’re proud of our great candidates in Texas,” said FP1 partner Corry Bliss. “Dan Crenshaw and Wesley Hunt are rising stars in the party with the potential to broaden the appeal of the GOP to younger voters, and Congressman Michael McCaul is one of the strongest voices in Washington on confronting the economic and national security threats presented by the Chinese Communist Party.”

“George P. Bush is a dynamic, next-generation conservative leader with a real plan to secure the border and keep Texas families safe,” said FP1 Partner Chris LaCivita. “With Ken Paxton mired in scandal, George P. has a very real shot at becoming Texas’ next Attorney General.”

Watch and listen to some of our television and radio ads from these Texas primary campaigns:



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