FP1 Candidates Roll in Alabama

Last night, FP1 candidates Scott Jones and Gina Gregory ran strongly in city council races in Mobile, Alabama. Gregory was reelected to her fifth term as a city councilwoman in District 7, and while Jones fell short of winning outright, he was the top vote-getter in District 6 and is the heavy favorite to win the runoff race on October 5th. Both candidates are committed to advancing conservative economic policies and standing with law enforcement to make Mobile a better place to live, work and raise a family. It was our pleasure to work with them on the campaign trail.

Our talented FP1 team helped Jones and Gregory succeed with creative, hard-hitting direct mailers for both candidates, and informative and memorable radio ads for Gina Gregory. We delivered our candidates’ messages in a way that was clear and relatable and that inspired their voters to get to the polls in a traditionally low-turnout summer election.

“Making Mobile safe and secure and supporting Mayor Sandy Stimpson were two key issues that stood out among voters,” said Tripp Skipper, a managing director at FP1 who served as the general consultant on both city council races. “We leaned into that hard with our voter contact programs. Our two clients “Back the Blue” and will help advance the pro-business Sandy Stimpson agenda and that’s what made the difference on Tuesday.”

FP1 is proud to have worked with these solid conservative community leaders to the Mobile City Council, but these races were important for another reason as well. FP1 has built out a top notch national political consulting firm that is committed to doing races at every level of the ballot. In 2020, we helped elect Republicans in 24 down-ballot races, and we are driven to grow our business by doing more of this work in the years ahead.

“These local races in Mobile were an opportunity to showcase our new direct mail services and to illustrate to candidates that whether you’re running for president or city council, our team is prepared to provide you with insightful strategies and customized voter contact programs to help you achieve fifty plus one on Election Day,” Skipper said.



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