FP1 Celebrates National Pet Day


By FP1 Strategies

In recognition of National Pet Day, we’re showcasing some of the fun ads we’ve done in recent years with our candidates and their beloved dogs. Our “Boomer” ad for former Congresswoman Martha McSally won the Reed Award for Congressional TV Ad of the Year in 2017. Our “Buford” ad for Karen Greenhalgh won the Gold Pollie for Best Use of Humor in a TV Ad in 2022. This year, Buford 2.0 won the Reed Awards for Best State Legislative TV Ad and Most Original TV Ad.

Jim Justice’s world-famous Babydog has made cameos in his Senate campaign’s television ads, and there are plans to feature her more prominently as the campaign progresses.

“The American people adore their pets and we’ve had great success featuring the lovable dogs of our candidates in our television ads,” said FP1 Partner Trent Wisecup. “Boomer, Buford and Babydog helped make their moms and dad more relatable to voters. We are proud of these ads, and always have our eyes out for a fun pet ad angle to cut through the clutter of the normal political ad noise.”

Watch some of our favorite pet-themed ads:



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