FP1 Congratulates Big Jim Justice


By FP1 Strategies

FP1 is proud to serve as the media consultant to Governor Jim Justice’s campaign for the U.S. Senate in West Virginia. Our ads helped Big Jim secure a commanding 35-point victory in his primary election against Congressman Alex Mooney.

FP1’s relationship with Jim Justice stems back to 2020 when we served as the media consultant to his gubernatorial reelection campaign.

“Jim Justice just punched his ticket to the U.S. Senate,” said FP1 Partner Terry Nelson. “Governor Justice has a rock-solid conservative record. He turned a massive deficit into record surpluses, drove unemployment to historic lows and delivered the biggest tax cuts in West Virginia’s history. We’re confident he will continue to do big things for the great people of West Virginia as their next U.S. Senator.”

FP1 developed an effective media strategy for Governor Justice that played up his larger-than-life persona and his historic accomplishments during his two terms in office. Our ad campaign contrasted Big Jim’s conservative credentials and endorsement from President Trump with Alex Mooney’s surprisingly liberal voting record on fundamental issues like protecting coal jobs, securing our border and taking care of our veterans. In a memorable spot, we reminded voters that Justice opened the doors of the Greenbrier to West Virginians dislodged by the devastating floods of 2016, while Congressman Mooney vacationed in the Middle East on the taxpayers’ dime. And of course, no Jim Justice campaign would be complete without a cameo appearance from the world-famous Babydog. In a fun ad, we deployed Babydog to drive home the fact that Governor Justice has one of the strongest conservative records of any Republican in America on kitchen-table issues.

Watch our primary ads for Big Jim Justice:



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