FP1 Congratulates Governor Brad Little

By FP1 Strategies 

FP1 is proud to be the media consultant to Idaho Governor Brad Little. We produced the advertising that helped Little secure his victory over Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, who had received the endorsement of President Trump.

Our media campaign focused on the strong conservative leadership that Governor Little has provided to the people of Idaho. Little balanced Idaho’s budget, created a record surplus, delivered big income and property tax cuts and made Idaho the least regulated state in America. Now Idaho is leading the nation in economic growth, and its unemployment rate is at a record low.

“Brad Little is one of the best governors in America,” said FP1 founding partner Terry Nelson. “We are proud to be on the Governor’s team. His record of results stands in stark contrast to the liberal failures we’re seeing in Washington today.”

“From standing up for law enforcement to protecting the freedoms of Idahoans during the pandemic, Brad Little has proven time and again that he is a strong, steady leader with a bold vision for his state,” said FP1 managing director Brock Lowrance.

Watch some of our ads from Governor Little’s primary campaign:



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