FP1 Congratulates Katie Britt

By FP1 Strategies

FP1 is proud to serve as the media consultant and digital firm to Katie Britt’s U.S. Senate campaign. Our advertising helped Katie secure the Republican Senate nomination in Alabama in convincing fashion as she carried 66 out of 67 counties and defeated Mo Brooks by a margin of 63 percent to 37 percent in the June 21st runoff election.

Our media campaign, which launched in January, helped define Katie as a Christian conservative who will put Alabama and America First while bringing fresh blood and new energy to the Senate. We ran ads that showcased Katie’s rock-solid conservative credentials on issues like border security, the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life. With inflation emerging as a top voter concern, we also ran ads that positioned Katie as a strong fiscal conservative who is committed to reining in wasteful spending and lowering costs for hardworking Alabama families and seniors. We also used testimonials from two respected Alabama sheriffs to effectively push back against negative attacks from the Club for Growth, which spent over $6 million on television ads against Katie Britt.

“We are honored to be a part of the great campaign team that helped Katie Britt secure this Senate nomination,” said FP1 founding partner Jon Downs. “Katie is a great messenger for the GOP, and she connected with voters on the stump and in her TV ads in a very personal way that was true to the conservative values that run deep in Alabama.”

“Katie Britt will be a superstar in the Senate,” said FP1 partner Rob Jesmer. “She has serious policy chops and the communication skills to move the needle for our conservative cause and bring new voters into our fold. Katie Britt is a generational talent and one to watch in the years ahead.”

Here are some of our TV ads from Katie Britt’s winning campaign:



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