FP1 Digital Grows to 20 People, Continuing Rapid Expansion

It’s easy to neglect the human element of digital.

Hell-bent on metrics, APIs and every other business school buzzword digital operators assault you with, we can lose sight of the people behind the computers, that drive truly exceptional work.

At FP1, we place a premium on our team. They are the X factor, the multiplier that takes our work from good to great.

To that end, we’ve aggressively expanded this year, recruiting new talent and hiring it when we found it. In the process we added nine new members to our digital practice.

Our expanded team brings new skills to the table in digital advertising, technology integration, email fundraising, content creation, graphic design, accounting and more. All to get results, every single day for our clients.

Today we stand at 20 strong, prepared to take on every aspect of digital: from politics and public affairs to consumer marketing and everything in between. You’ve already started to see the results, but the best is yet to come.

We look forward to showing you more of what we can do.

– Chris Georgia

Meet the new crew >>>

Corinne Clark
Political Digital

Brent Brooks
Deputy Director,
Digital Content

Tim Donahue
Deputy Director,

Christian Schaeffer



Hal Smith
Deputy Director,
Digital Advertising

Britina Lamas

Rebekah Gudeman
Deputy Director,
Digital Advertising

Eli Ulanet


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