FP1 Hires Peter Graves and Mike Young as Managing Directors

In an effort to grow our business, FP1 Strategies has hired two seasoned operatives with extensive experience working in down-ballot races. Peter Graves and Mike Young are now managing directors at our firm.

Peter Graves is a former regional political director at the RNC and most recently a managing director at the Republican consulting firm Go Big Media. Graves has nearly two decades of experience in Republican politics. He was named “40 Under 40” by the American Association of Political Consultants and is a former executive director at the Washington State Republican Party.

Mike Young recently served as the political director of the Republican Attorneys General Association and as a regional political director at the Republican Governors Association. In 2015, Young worked as the director of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus and successfully defended a Republican majority.

“Peter Graves and Mike Young are both well-respected operatives in the Republican party,” said FP1 founding partner Terry Nelson. “They bring valuable rolodexes to our firm and a proven track record of electing Republicans up and down the ballot.”

“FP1 is proud of the down-ballot work we have done in recent cycles, and we are eager to grow our business by doing a lot more of it,” said FP1 founding partner Jon Downs. “Peter and Mike have the experience and talent to help take our business to the next level by broadening out our services and becoming more active in races for Attorney General, Lt. Governor and other constitutional offices, as well as doing IEs for legislative caucuses.”

In 2020, FP1 helped elect 12 U.S. Senators, 3 Governors and 16 members of Congress. Our firm also helped elect Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Attorney General Austin Knudsen and Attorney General Todd Rokita, and we developed IE advertising that helped defend the Republican senate majority in Minnesota and the Republican legislative majorities in Wisconsin, Texas and Kentucky. In total, FP1 played a vital role in securing 25 down-ballot Republican victories in 2020.




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