FP1 Wins Six Competitive Legislative Races

in Virginia

By FP1 Strategies

On November 7, FP1 helped elect six Republicans in battleground House and Senate districts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Five of these competitive races were held in districts that Joe Biden carried in 2020.

  • Sheriff Danny Diggs was elected in SD-24, a Biden +9 district.
  • Emily Brewer was elected in SD-17, a Biden +7 district.
  • Ian Lovejoy was elected in HD-22, a Biden +5.5 district.
  • Baxter Ennis was elected in HD-89, a Biden +2.4 district.
  • Geary Higgins was elected in HD-30, a Biden +0.2 district.
  • Senator David Suetterlein was reelected in SD-4, a Trump +0.2 district.

FP1 served as the general consultant and media strategists to Diggs, Brewer, Lovejoy, Ennis and Suetterlein. We were the media strategists to Geary Higgins. Of note: In SD-24, Sheriff Danny Diggs defeated Monty Mason, an incumbent who outspent him by $2 million. Mason is the first Democratic incumbent Senator to lose in Virginia since 2011.

“We were able to overcome a challenging political environment and an onslaught of liberal money because we had great candidates who bought into the right strategy and right message,” said FP1 Managing Director Mike Young, who served as the general consultant on several of these races. “I’m proud of the fact that we were able to win so many tough races in suburban communities that voted for Joe Biden. With today’s polarized electorate, that is an increasingly difficult thing to do. It’s also a testament to the hard work our candidates put into their campaigns. They left it all on the playing field this election year and we were honored to be on their teams.”

“The Democrats tried to turn these races into a referendum on abortion,” said FP1 Partner Trent Wisecup. “We effectively responded to their attacks, clearly articulated where our candidates stood on this sensitive issue and pivoted to powerful contrasts on crime, taxes and parental rights that resonated with swing voters. This is the roadmap for how the GOP can win campaigns in tough suburban districts in a post-Dobbs world.”

Watch some of our ads from these Virginia races:



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