Happy Arizona Day

By FP1 Strategies

In recognition of National Arizona Day, we’re taking a look back at some of the impactful ads we’ve produced for winning campaigns in the Grand Canyon State.

In 2014, FP1 Founding and Managing Partner Danny Diaz served as the general consultant (GC) to Governor Doug Ducey during the general election. In 2018, Diaz was Ducey’s GC again, while our creative team served as the media consultant to the RGA’s $12 million IE in Arizona. In 2016, FP1 served as the media consultant and digital firm to Congresswoman Martha McSally’s reelection campaign, helping the first female fighter pilot in U.S. history secure a decisive victory in a Tucson-based district carried by Hillary Clinton that year. In 2022, we served as the general consultant, media and digital firm to Eli Crane’s congressional campaign, helping a former Navy SEAL defeat a Democratic incumbent.

Watch some of our favorite ads from these winning Arizona campaigns:



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