FP1 Strategies knows how to impact the debate and drive a message. As your media consultant, FP1 will work with your team to develop and execute every aspect of your campaign’s advertising – from message development to production to placement.

We believe that every candidate and issue campaign is unique. We specialize in telling stories and aligning smart strategic insights with the industry’s best creative execution. From producing heartfelt testimonials to actor-based conceptual spots to making sure a candidate’s record is accurately portrayed, we create advertising that informs, entertains and moves voters. Our advertising is true and authentic to the personalities and priorities of our candidates, and stands out from the typical cookie cutter political advertising that clutters the airwaves.

FP1’s ads have consistently set the industry standard for excellence. Since our inception, we have won 97 Pollies and 61 Reed Awards, including Public Affairs Ad of the Year, Ballot Initiative Ad of the Year (2017 and 2018), Statewide Ad of the Year, Congressional Ad of the Year, Independent Expenditure Ad of the Year, Presidential Primary Ad of the Year (2012 and 2016) and Overall Best in Show (2015, 2017, 2018).

Our superior creative abilities have made us the leading Republican advertising firm in America. Since the 2012 election, our team has helped elect 24 U.S. Senators, 7 Governors, 45 Members of Congress and we’ve won 7 high-profile ballot initiatives.

Our production department is led by a team of award-winning copy writers and producers, and a director of photography who has played a role in filming numerous television shows and many feature-length films. No one in the industry does a better job of combining strategy with campaign-winning advertising.

Our production team is battle-tested, strategic and creative. We know how to utilize the power of advertising to help you achieve Fifty Plus One on Election Day.

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