As your voter contact mail firm, FP1 is here to deliver your message to a precise audience with resonating, eye-catching creativity. We are an all-inclusive partner for your mail needs, so you can focus on the more time-sensitive issues facing your campaign. Our award-winning team will oversee every detail of the process, from concept to design to production to delivery. The below items serve as the foundation for every print project we execute:

Combining Focused Targeting with Striking Creativity
Delivering standout creative to the wrong audience will end with your mailer in the trash and your money wasted. That is why our voter contact mail programs are anchored by our precise data targeting, coupled with compelling design and strong creative themes. We keep our ears to the ground and stay current on trends and topics that resonate with the GOP base and swing voters, and make creative decisions based on this understanding. Therefore, the data-tested keywords, visuals, and themes that resonate with voters are applied to every piece we produce.

Delivery Transparency
We work in conjunction with the post office to ensure your mailing is delivered on time, without delays. By providing IMB Tracking and Informed Delivery on each mailing to you, you are kept informed of where your mailer is in the postal stream.

Nationwide Production Options
Time is the most valuable asset a campaign has, and by working with printers across the country, we are not encumbered by time zone limitations or exorbitant shipping distances. Even better, these national relationships provide us a competitive edge in pricing to make sure you are getting the most value out of every dollar raised.

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