FP1 Strategies understands and excels in every aspect of a modern data-driven political campaign.  We know how all the pieces fit together because of the breadth of our collective experience and expertise.  Our team members have been general consultants, campaign managers, and communications and digital directors on some of the biggest campaigns in recent years.  We have managed presidential campaigns, run major party committees and directed a $100 million independent expenditure for a leading super PAC.

In addition to producing award-winning advertising, our team of strategists and campaign operatives have developed trend-setting digital strategies and managed robust field programs, all while ensuring that our campaigns stay on budget.

We draw on this unrivaled depth of experience to offer general consulting services to our clients.  As your GC, FP1 will provide hands-on strategic planning and implementation for your campaign, help you identify and hire the best talent for your campaign staff, and ensure that your team is working together seamlessly and effectively.

From helping you craft your finance plan to developing your campaign strategy and voter contact programs to ensuring your schedule is managed efficiently, we will provide direction to your campaign team every step of the way.  We will also provide expert counsel on how to engage with party committees, which play an increasingly important role in successful campaigns, and can build out a data-driven field program to augment the resources provided by state parties and the Republican National Committee.

We know how to bring every component of your campaign together to execute against a strategic plan that is true to you, and responsive to the voters you need to mobilize and persuade.

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