FP1 covers our clients’ buying needs with an experienced in-house, full-service media research, planning, and placement operation specializing in targeting across all screens. Our team of planners and buyers develop and implement data-driven plans focused on efficiently reaching target audiences. The result is a singular media effort designed around proven strategies to maximize the exposure of our award-winning advertising.

Our media buying services include:

Geographic planning and research

The planning process starts with in-depth research and a full analysis of the geography of each race, including costs and efficiencies of each market and medium. We provide a deep understanding of where our clients need to be right down to the county, town and zip code level.

Audience identification, analysis and targeting

We work directly with pollsters, strategists and micro-targeting specialists to identify each target audience, including their traits, behaviors and media habits. We go beyond basic demographics and analyze targets on a political level, as well as using a variety of tools from Nielsen and Scarborough to set-top box data based on custom audience matching.

Message progression and media weight

Based on geography and target, we begin with a planning process to maximize the number of messages within a working budget and timeframe. Using a mix of media, from broadcast to digital to cable, we focus on achieving effective weight for each message in the most efficient way possible – making the most of precious ad dollars.

Station negotiation and placement

Our buying team is in constant contact with stations across the country with a pulse on what’s happening in each market, including inventory flow. We use that information to purchase media at the lowest rate level to clear for candidates and negotiate the best possible non-candidate rates, all while ensuring placement as ordered.

Competitive tracking

We know how vital real-time competitive reporting is to a campaign. The information is essential to decision-making on budgets and messaging. We provide our clients with accurate and timely spending updates on all competitors in a race with easy-to-read reporting. We send alerts for new spending and each full report comes with a summary of what is new so quick decisions can be made.

Final account reconciliation

Our work goes beyond Election Day and includes a full reconciliation that ensures ads ran correctly and that any refunds are promptly returned to the client. We put a heavy emphasis on maintaining our schedules as ordered each flight week, but in the event of a refund, we understand that money belongs to the client and we endeavor to have it returned as quickly as possible.

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