Mark Walpole is a partner at FP1 Strategies. Walpole came to FP1 after spending 20 years in the film and television industry, where he worked closely with Oscar-winning directors and cinematographers. As FP1’s director of photography, Walpole is the visual force behind FP1’s production team. With thousands of hours spent working on film sets, Walpole brings high-level production expertise that sets FP1’s work apart from traditional political firms. In addition to overseeing the shoot process, Walpole provides leadership and management to FP1’s production staff.


Career Highlights:

  • Worked on feature films such as Wedding Crashers, Minority Report and Hannibal
  • Worked on television shows such as West Wing and The Wire
  • A leader on the creative team that has won 113 Pollie Awards and 75 Reed Awards

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