Trent Wisecup is a partner at FP1 Strategies. An award-winning ad writer and producer, Trent helps manage FP1’s production team and provides strategic counsel to the firm’s political and ballot initiative clients. A Michigan native with extensive experience in the Industrial Midwest, Trent has expertise in communicating with independent voters in blue and purple states and has helped elect Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Joe Lombardo and Senator Ron Johnson. Trent is also well-versed in winning bare-knuckled primary races in the reddest states. His advertising work has helped elect Senators Katie Britt, Tommy Tuberville, Bill Hagerty and Eric Schmitt. At FP1, Trent functions as the firm’s senior copywriter and supervises the post-production process.


Career Highlights:

  • Strategy director to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign
  • IE captain at the National Republican Congressional Committee
  • Chief of staff to former Congressman Joe Knollenberg
  • Communications director to former U.S. Senator Spence Abraham

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